Pie Company quality

Quality is our priority. As well as processing excellent raw materials, guaranteeing the outstanding quality of final products and food safety is central. Continual quality controls are carried out in all departments to ensure this.

The Pie Company is in possession of a RSPO-certificaat and it has recently obtained a BRC-A certificaat.


A good product contains top quality ingredients. We work with permanent partners from all over the world to ensure that.

 We guarantee a constant quality in the supply chain and monitor a short lead time for our pastry specialist clients. 


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Corporate Social Responsibility is an important core value for The Pie Company. Concern for people, the environment and society is the foundation of our daily operations. Consumer health and safety are thoroughly maintained in the bakery. Health checks are carried out regularly and the tracking process is constantly being optimised. Our CSR policy is comprehensive.


How ingredients are produced and collected, what packaging materials are used and how energy can be saved are closely monitored.


Employees are also trained as future professionals because we are an approved work placement company.




Waste in both the office and in production is collected and sorted.


Raw materials

The cardboard in our packaging is FSC certificated and our packaging contains no or little plastic.



Our lighting is controlled by sensors and our climate system maintains separate temperatures in the production areas.


Our people 

The Pie Company is an approved work placement company.


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