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The Pie Company creates a distinctive brand for each client. Clients create their own identity with the product with the help of private labels. We are a family company and are known as a reliable producer of sustainable products. These products are made with fresh raw materials from all over the world. Our aim is to supply our clients with the highest quality.

Young and ambitious

Our young, ambitious company has a modern take on the contemporary trade. We take the values of the guild of pastry cooks very seriously and our products are still based on traditional recipes. We work with the knowledge of the latest techniques but in combination with traditional bakers.

Private labels

You have a share in our organisation’s strength as a client. A distinctive brand is created for you and the products of every client have their own identity. The Pie Company has a family business culture. Short lines of communication are central and there is joint consideration of market developments in each category. Clients enjoy the benefits of this efficient collaboration.

In verpakking

The recipe for good collaboration

Bent u op zoek naar deze goede samenwerking? Wij delen ons recept hiervoor graag met u.

Your returns

Efficiency is essential and quality is a necessary factor at The Pie Company. The specialist machinery that is dedicated to producing pies means that the cost leader position is guaranteed. This focus contributes to your returns.

Logistical partner

Our modern ERP system means that our clients don’t have to worry about ordering, invoicing and logistics. Our logistical partners have integrated our standards so that we can deliver to you at just the right moment daily.


We are always looking for new, promising products for you. The combination of years of experience and traditional expertise with continual curiosity make us a young and innovative company.


We are young and ambitious, reliable in respect of quality and intelligent because of innovation. That makes us efficient and successful.


We think about each product category with you and meet your need to be distinctive by adapting their preparation to what the consumer wants, which is innovative, sustainable and healthy products.


At The Pie Company, we believe in working in collaboration. We look for suitable products together.

Get in touch with us. If you’re looking for good collaboration, we’ll be glad to share the recipe.

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